family dinner


Sunday leftover pizza
Monday pierogis with roasted peppers and bacon
Tuesday veggie chili & cornbread
Wednesday honey ginger salmon with broccoli & rice
Thursday POUTINE NIGHT/leftover for Gwen
Friday veggie sliders with baked onion rings
Saturday TBD

Monday’s pierogis are actually last Friday’s pierogis because I didn’t make them, oops. Gwen wanted to go to the beach that afternoon and we got home too late for any kind of dinner. I was going to make them on Saturday instead but we were out all afternoon wandering the city and I was too tired to make anything so I just sat on the couch watching Steven Universe until Taylor ordered pizza, but at least that gives me dinner for tonight as well! I’ve never made cornbread before but I needed cornmeal for the onion rings so I figured WHAT THE HECK. Saturday is once again TBD, probably it’ll be nachos for Taylor & myself and leftovers for Gwen. I decided to roast the peppers today, and when we went to buy groceries there was a bunch of assorted weird field peppers in all kindsa reds, oranges and purples for super cheap so I got a huge bag and I’m roasting them all. I figure whatever I don’t use tomorrow can be frozen (if Gwen doesn’t just eat them, she LOVES roasted peppers and will probably devour them all). I also want to make a soup to freeze sometime this week to use up some of last week’s leftovers (I made A LOT of carrots).

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    1. I don’t have recipes for most things, I’m just like “PUT IN A SPLASH OF THIS, A DASH OF THAT, AND COOK EVERYTHING IN BACON FAT!” 😀

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