… as in there’s one in the air, and it’s also all I wanna do rn. I have a lot of stuff to do today, but first for a little Monday morning treat: you can stream the new CHVRCHES on NPR, and bless their hearts, it’s not geolocked like the Beach House First Listen was (of course, I got around that in the end, but it was still annoying).

01 taylor & gwen

02 white flower

03 squirrel tree
I feel that a lot of squirrels must live here.

04 moss tree

05 green coat gwen

06 new boots
My beloved Kodiak boots have finally disintegrated so I’ve been wearing this pair instead. I’ve had them for a while but never wore them because the soles leave scuff marks everywhere. Maybe if I get them resoled I’ll like them more?

07 green leaves

08 cedar branches

09 white berries

10 gwen thru the trees

Taylor has been working days for the past week and it’s been weird but nice. He’s been getting up at like… 5am, working for a couple of hours at home, going into the office for 8 and getting home by 2 or 3 most days. I think tomorrow or Wednesday he goes back to working nights, but he had his review last week and the HR department expressed some concerns about how many hours he has been working (ie TOO MANY). It’s been decided that unless there is a super serious systems administrating emergency he has to leave the office by 9 each day. He actually used to leave that early (or even earlier) most days- there was a year when he came home by 8:30 three days a week so he could walk Sym to school. It’s kind of amazing to think he will be coming home every day in the morning and theoretically getting more than 3 hours sleep a day.

I’m still working on getting used to using this camera of Taylor’s. My camera is tiny and has a wrist strap, so it’s strange not being able to fit it in my pocket, or hold it easily in one hand (especially with my sprained finger, ow). I do think it takes better pictures though? Probably it would be even better if I could be bothered to ACTUALLY learn how to use it properly, but ughhhhhhhhhh. I wish there was some way to combine Taylor’s technical knowledge with my artistic eye and steady hand, but other than my actually reading the instruction manual (LOL NO) I don’t think there’s a way it’s ever gonna happen.

FINALLY I should prob stop releasing new things on the weekend bc it seems like no one is on the internet but O WELL I’m just a very impatient person (I actually have my October calendar page finished and it’s making me bonkers waiting until the end of the week to post it) but I listed a new set of hand painted wooden blocks on Saturday. I actually made these ones for myself as a ~desk accessory~ or w/e and have them in a little wooden bowl by my computer. They are in a forest/woodland theme and the set of twenty-one blocks includes seven blocks painted in shades of green with leaves on one side, seven blocks painted in shades of brown with two metallic sides (one copper and one bronze), three blocks painted red with white spots, and four blocks painted as animals: a dark brown bear, a medium brown deer, a red-brown squirrel and an orange fox.
woodland blocks pyramid
Get a set for yourself here.

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