summer’s last day

00 sunlight thru trees

01 gween and squirrel

02 fern & fungus stump

03 gwen on the path 1

04 ducks on the lagoon

05 gwen on the path 2

06 gwen pushing her stroller

07 lagoon reflection

08 willow

09 gwen on the path 3

10 raccoon

11 trees and sky

12 gwen swings 1

13 yellow tree

14 gwen slides

15 leaves and sky

16 gwen swings 2

17 ocean

Yesterday was beautiful out so instead of doing stuff around the house I took Gwen to Stanley Park/the playground at Second Beach. I didn’t even realize that it was the last day of summer. Anyway I was so tired when we got back that I couldn’t be bothered to do anything. I couldn’t even be bothered to make my to-do list. I mean, I did a little work on etsy orders, but not as much as I could/should have, and I didn’t do any housework. OOPS. Today I woke up to unfinished banners, piles of laundry, mountains of dirty dishes and toys strewn everywhere. Not cool, but I busted my butt all morning and managed to get most of the mess cleaned up before nap time.

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