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Was not able to get a pic of the two of us with Gwen’s face.

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Gwen in the treetops.

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There is a version of this pic where she is NOT making a weird face but I couldn’t resist this silly look.

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The plaid shirt I wore was WAY too similar to the plaid shirts the park staff wears.

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A snack request.

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On Monday I took Gwen up to Capilano Suspension Bridge Park in North Vancouver. I was a little daunted by the cost; adult admission to the park is almost $40 with tax, but as a BC resident I was able to get an annual membership at no additional cost so I figured it would be worth it. I’d never actually been up there before but there is a free shuttle bus that stops a block and a half from our house so I was like WHAT THE HECK. I had originally wanted Taylor to come with us as well but he’s back to working nights, and plus he is PETRIFIED of heights so I’m guessing that a freaky-ass wobbly bridge stretching over a canyon isn’t high on his must-do activities list.

Since we went on a weekday morning I was hoping that it wouldn’t be too busy but the nice weather meant it was pretty packed. The shuttle bus was full before the last stop on the way there and there were tons of people on the bridge. It was pretty wobbly; I’m not sure if more people make it more wobbly but that thing felt like Galloping Gertie! I was a little worried Gwen would be flipped out but she wasn’t afraid at all, and happily tromped across bridge with no hesitation. She was actually more scared of the totem poles in the park and wouldn’t go anywhere near them.

After crossing the canyon we walked through the Treetop Adventure, past the trout ponds and along the boardwalk through the forest. Gwen went up and down tons of stairs and over all the little bridges on her own, but after a couple of hours of walking she was getting pretty tired and grumpy. I knew she was in no mood to check out the Cliffwalk, but she also refused to go in the gift shop and was chanting “home. home. home.” That was a pretty clear indicator that she was 100% done by that point so we just hopped back on the shuttle bus and headed back downtown.

Overall I really liked the park; there was a lot to see and do- we were there for hours and still didn’t do everything, and for locals who can get the annual pass it’s actually pretty reasonably priced. If I go once a month for the next year that’s only $3.33 a visit! I plan on going a lot (maybe next time on a day with less flawless weather when it’s not as busy) and hope to find a way to convince Taylor and Sym to come too, possibly for the Canyon Lights at Christmastime.

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