in the morning

01 morning gwen
Getting a Harold & Maude vibe from her look today.

02 rowan berries

03 cedar bark

04 frosted leaves

05 garden gwen

06 dark sky

07 yellow leaves

08 park gwen

09 acorns
If anyone is in the market for acorn caps for autumn crafts I invite you to check out Nelson Park.

10 maple

11 evergreen

13 silly gwen

I think one of my favourite things about not working are the quiet, lazy mornings I get to spend with just Gwen, when Taylor is at work and Sym has already left for school. Of course, she is two-almost-three years old so they aren’t literally quiet; most days she wakes me up by yelling “ma. MA. MAAAAAA!” from her room, and I when I get up I usually find she’s pulled all the linens off her bed, or thrown all her books off the shelf, or emptied the contents of her pajama/sock/underwear* drawer all over the floor. She’s usually naked; I usually have to play a game of find-the-soggy-diaper.

Once I have her up our morning ritual is she gets to watch a VERY SMALL amount of one of her shows (Yo Gabba Gabba, Pee-wee’s Playhouse or her new fave, Steven Universe) and have a granola bar while I drink my coffee and go through all the notifications & emails I got overnight. Next we get dressed and take Georgie for her walk, and when we get back from the park we have breakfast. Often by this time it’s close to ten and breakfast is more like brunch, and today Gwen, who is in a non-eating phase, refused to have anything. So I had pie for brunch. It’s fine, I’m an adult.

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it but I’ve booked a new daycare client to start at the end of this month, but just two days a week so I will still have some quiet mornings with Gwen.

12 crown gwen

*Gwen is still in diapers but I bought a bunch of cute lil underpants in anticipation of potty training. I’m actually attempting it this week by going cold turkey off diapers when we’re at home/awake, and bribing her with mini eggs. Gwen knows when she has to pee and will sit on the potty, but she won’t actually use it. Instead she holds her pee and tells me she wants a diaper, and then tries to negotiate with me for a “choc.”

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