teeny halloweeny: pee-wee herman

idk if I’ve mentioned it before but Gwen REALLY likes Pee-wee Herman. Pee-wee’s Playhouse is one of only three kids shows she’ll watch, so when I was trying to figure out her Halloween costume for this year I thought Pee-wee would be a good choice. I’m not actually sure if she remembers about Halloween from last year; her speech is still delayed (she is making lots of progress but has not yet caught up) so sometimes it’s hard to figure what things she understands and what things are a mystery to her since she can’t express herself. But I asked her if she wanted a Pee-wee suit and she said “yah,” so Pee-wee it is!


on Pee-wee’s left: grey jersey blazer, H&M, grey leggings, Old Navy; white uniform shirt, Old Navy; white canvas slip-ons, Vans; on Pee-wee’s right: grey blazer & suit pants, H&M; classic white shirt, H&M; white pleather sneakers, H&M;

I would like to get an actual suit for this costume, but it is a little more than I want to spend, and the store downtown doesn’t have it in stock (H&M doesn’t have online shopping in Canada). Instead I think I will get her the jersey blazer, which is less expensive and she’s more likely to wear it again. I’ll pair it with the grey Old Navy leggings she already has. Any white shirt will be fine so I’ll prob just get the cheapest one I can find in store, and the red bowtie and white pocket square I will make myself. The biggest question rn is the shoes; they should OBVIOUSLY be white, but there aren’t a lot of white shoes in stores here at this time of year. The H&M sneakers might work but they are super ugly, and while she’d probably wear the white Vans a lot, they are more than I want to spend right now. I miiiiiiight make her some white leather shoes? They would need to have waterproof soles, but I have some crêpe rubber sole material I’ve been itching to try out, so depending on how much white leather I have on hand that’s an option as well.

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  1. Maybe white Keds for the shoes? They hold up really well and if you get a size larger she can keep wearing them nsave your sewing fingers, Tanie!

    1. I actually thought about Keds and I’ve been trying to find some but they are actually about the same price as Vans ($40-$50) :/

  2. You CAN paint shoes with art acrylic. Any material. I have done it tons of times and it’s amazing how well it holds up. Especially my dance shoes. And if it does get a bit scuffed up, they can always be painted again. Different colour, even. Just a thought.

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