family dinner


Sunday beef stew with chorizo & pearl onions
Monday spaghetti with roasted red peppers
Tuesday quiche lorraine
Wednesday brown sugar bourbon glazed salmon & baked potatoes
Thursday POUTINE NIGHT/leftovers for Gwen
Friday tacos maybe?
Saturday TBD ofc

I never made beef stew last week because I forgot to go tot he grocery store, but I feel it’s more of a Sunday soup meal anyway. I did not make it with dumplings because I forgot to buy flour, but it turned out pretty frigging good, and I have a lot leftover to freeze. The picture above is of the pearl onions; they were red and tinted the water when I boiled them. The trick to pearl onions (so you don’t have to spend fifty years peeling a billion tiny onions) is to boil them whole for ten minutes, drain & rinse them with cold water, the slice the top (the stem end, not the root end) off and squeeze from the root so they pop out of their little skins. It’s very gross but also very satisfying.

I’m trying to get back into meal planning & cooking still. I’ve been feeling dang cruddy lately and I think it’s because I just haven’t been taking very good care of myself. I’m tired and sickly feeling all the time, and it’s gross. I definitely need to eat more fruit & vegetables, and it’s funny that even though I buy them I don’t eat them because in my head I think “these are for Sym & Gwen!” I guess my sagging old carcass is ready to leave this world to its offspring, lol.

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