sleepy time

Literally yesterday I was lamenting to Taylor that there are all these cute fall kid’s pajamas rn but since Gwen TECHNICALLY hasn’t grown out of all her current pajamas I can’t justify buying any. Then after her nap this afternoon she snuck into the bathroom (someone- NOT ME -left the door open) and decided to update her manicure, her pajamas and indeed her entire body and the toilet seat lid with half a bottle of American Apparel Neon Purple nail polish. I was able to clean up the kid and the room but the pajamas were a wash in that they could not be washed so OBVIOUSLY she needs some new ones now, right? Right.

sleepy time
all from Old Navy, clockwise from top left: grey wolf, blue deer, black & white bear, black “boo!”, grey moon pattern one-piece, grey & white bear pattern, blue star one-piece

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  1. The blue star ones! PLEEEEEEEZE. She’d be adorable in those.

    BTW, we left as planned this morning and are now in Oregon. Will keep you posted! XXXXX

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