01 leaf drops

02 gwen gate a

03 bricks

04 gwen alley

06 cedar

05 gwen gate b

07 maple leaves in stream

08 fungus log

09 gwen ivy

10 dome & skyline

11 electra tiles

13 gwen

I think once Gwen turns three (in just a couple of weeks!) I’m not allowed to call her a toddler anymore, she will be a preschooler. Of course I still call her a baby sometimes but like… she is my babyyyyyyyy. In some ways she still seems so young (I’ve talked abt this before; her delayed speech is the cause) but she is growing up way too fast and she is into everything, all the time.

Yesterday in particular she was in rare form, like if I took my eyes off her for one second she was off making mischief. She took of all her clothes, climbed up on top of her dresser and then peed all over it. She got into the bathroom and gave herself a neon manicure. She climbed up on the kitchen counter, found a box of smarties in a cabinet I forgot to lock and gorged on chocolate. She got into the bathroom AGAIN and found the bottle of nail polish remover I forgot to put away after cleaning up her manicure, managed to open it and I just barely caught her before she started pouring it out.

Aside from all her sneaky shenanigans, she really is the sweetest, most affectionate little girl. “More hug, more kiss, more pat,” is what I hear from her all day everyday. Mostly “more pat more cat” (the girl loves cats!) but sometimes “more hug ma” (the girl loves calling me “ma”). When it’s hug time she wraps her little but freakishly strong arms around you tight and won’t let go, mashing her whole face and body into you, squeezing hard as if to express her affection through sheer force. Of course, all of this only applies to the very few people she likes; everyone else gets the brush off.

12 gwen

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