I assume certain things about people.

People in my life, people I meet, just any people. I base these assumptions on things I know about myself and on my beliefs. I’m not perfect, but I try to be a good person, and wanna think other people are good too. So I assume they believe the same things that I believe. I think my beliefs are good and I’m surprised when I learn people DON’T feel the same way as me about certain issues. You probably feel the same way about your beliefs, that they are right, because otherwise why would you believe them? (And look, I’m making that assumption about you RIGHT NOW.)

You know who else thinks their beliefs are good? Racist. Ass. Racists.

Here is a truth for you: I’m white, and I can tell you that when you’re white, racists assume you are a racist too. You know how shitty it feels when you say something dumb or thoughtless that you didn’t realize was racist and you get called out for it? And you’re like “but I’m not a racist!” Racists think you are, they think that all the time. I cannot even tell you how many times a total stranger has come up to me on the street and started talking to me about my dog or whatever before abruptly going off on some bullshit racist rant. And I’m like totally surprised because I assumed they weren’t a racist, while all the while THEY were assuming I was. So I have to tell them “No, I disagree with that statement, and I’m ending this conversation now,” or like… a less polite version of that. And I’m not telling this story to be like “oh poor little white me, people assume I’m a racist, that hurts my feelings!” but to illustrate my point, and my point is this: If you are white you have to let racists know that you are not on their side, because they assume that you are. They assume every white person feels the way they do about black people, and that they are right, and their beliefs are good. And as long as you remain silent, they will keep believing it.


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    And I hadn’t thought of it like that, but you are right. These people need to be called on this stuff.

    1. I do this! I’ve lost friends over it. I had neighbors in a small S.E. Texas town stop speaking to me. I live in N. Illinois now. Sad to say there are more racists in the midwest than I would’ve ever thought. Whenever I hear racist whites “start up” I will continue to (nicely?) announce my differing views. Oh, yeah, I’m white….

  2. Yes yes yes. The number of times that I’ve thought, “Wow you really believe its ok to say those things to my face.” And sadly, because I’m painfully introverted in real life I’m just stunned and can’t seem to make the words come. I hope I can get better at that.

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