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This week has been a little difficult, to say the least. I had some family drama, a pet emergency and idk if it was the stress or overdoing it last weekend but yesterday I was SO SICK all day. Nausea, dizziness, pain all over my baby bump, crying. SO MUCH CRYING. I was really thinking about blowing off work today (which I never do unless I am like DIRELY ill with like a cruise ship virus or something) but I decided to suck it up because this weekend is actually a long weekend so really I just need to get through one more day and I get three off, thank goodness. Because of all the stress & sickness I really didn’t get all the things I needed to do in Gwen’s old room/Sym’s new room done, and since Sym will be back next week and will presumably want a place to sleep I really need to just do it.

Gwen definitely needs this picture book about women in science.

How cool are these toy cars???

This is actually not a fave, it is appalling and I’m disgusted by this whole situation.

I want to get a little leaf-printed rug for Gwen/The Dreaded Laramie’s room and I miiiiight want to design my own or maybe one of these would work? Or this, it’s not leaves but definitely fits the theme.

Bill Clinton loves balloons.

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