The Fantastic Summer Fox by Taylor

Tomorrow I am 31 weeks pregnant and I’m pretty much at the point of feeling like YEP THAT’S IT THAT’S ENOUGH PREGNANCY I’M DONE. I think with Gwen I was like 37 weeks before I reached that point but this pregnancy has been so physically awful 🙁 Like I could deal with the exhaustion, the shortness of breath, the pelvic girdle pain, the heartburn so bad I can feel it in my ears… IF I DIDN’T FEEL NAUSEOUS ALL THE DAMN TIME. My morning sickness went away at like 28 weeks (I think?) and then last Thursday when I was 30 weeks it was back with a vengeance. It is just so hard to do anything when I’m constantly feeling like I’m going to hurl and have this sick taste in my mouth. It is very tedious and I am over it. But hey only NINE MORE WEEKS of feeling terrible, right? lmaooooooo

Because I’ve felt so crummy it’s been super difficult to the girls’ bedroom switch finished. Thankfully this past weekend was a long one and with Taylor’s help I was able to finish clearing out Gwen’s old room and start moving Sym in. First I had to fix all the holes in the walls and touch up the paint (which, btw, was NOT an exact match due to the different paint base), and once that was done we put up the curtains, installed the closet system and set up her new bedframe. That is pretty much it, and it took me/us the whole weekend. The closet system (1 shelving unit + 3 clothes rails) took FOUR HOURS to do because I had to take so many breaks! Yesterday during nap time Sym and I built her new desk and today we might put up one of her new bookshelves- she has an appointment with her ear doctor during naptime and LORD KNOWS I can’t do it myself so it might have to wait. It’s been really frustrating to be so enfeebled and I can’t help but think about when I was pregnant with Gwen and built her changing table/bookshelf and crib when I SWEAR I was more pregnant than I am now.

One good thing about the bedroom switch is now that Sym’s room is closer to the main living area it’s easier for the rest of us to annoy visit with her. Gwen is always going to knock on her door to ask for “more hugs” which is very cute. She loves hanging out with her big sister; she told us yesterday she wasn’t going to share the big bedroom with the baby after all, she was going to share the little one with Sym, haha.

On her first night in her new room Gwen opened her window (SCARY), so the next day I talked to her about how it wasn’t safe to open it by herself and installed a hook at the top of the window frame to loop the blind cord up out of her reach. So far it seems to be enough of a deterrent and she hasn’t opened the window since. Once the screens are in (soon, hopefully) if necessary we’ll get a mesh window guard to make it properly inaccessible. In the meantime we dug out the old baby monitor so we can hear what she’s up to in there, which has also enabled me to hear her weird sleepy mumblings.

Other good things (to counteract the misery in the first half of this post)…

Sym got her braces off last Wednesday and her teeth are AMAZING. They look perfect, and she is SO HAPPY. She got her retainers on Thursday and apparently had some difficulty with them at first (drooling, being unable to speak intelligibly, etc) but she says she’s used to them now. I think she’s really enjoying being able to eat any food she wants and also just brush her teeth with ease.

The past two Saturdays Taylor and I took Gwen to the Celebration of Light fireworks competition and she loved it! She asks to go to the fireworks all the time now, which is unfortunate since they’re over.

Sunday was the Vancouver Pride Parade and I was kind of thinking of going and then I remembered how sick and feeble and pregnant I am and I was like LOL NO, however that morning I was walking Georgie in the park across the street from my house and I saw Justin Trudeau, our Prime Minister! He and his family were marching in the parade and Nelson Park was the staging area for a few different groups, including the Liberal party. It was funny; I was about to head back up the street to my house and all these cops were like NOPE SORRY SIDEWALK IS CLOSED so I waited and two minutes later all these motorcycle cops and big black SUVs with lights flashing came roaring up my street. I got a few pics, all terrible, before giving up because he basically got swarmed and I was carrying my small dog & baby bump in a very excited and jostle-y crowd, but it was still pretty cool.

Justin Trudeau is in the white pants & aqua shirt; the woman on the left in the denim jacket and aqua pants (actually a jumpsuit) pushing the stroller is his wife Sophie Grégoire Trudeau.

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