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ooak nursery illustration by The Disaster Life
ooak custom nursery illustration from The Disaster Life

Happy long weekend Friday! After realizing I was a whole week more pregnant than I’d been thinking this weekend I REALLY want to get some stuff done in the little kids’ room: tidy up Gwen’s toys as best I can (& pray that shelf I ordered arrives sooner rather than later!), set up the crib, put up some of the artwork on the walls and most importantly, start getting out baby clothes so this little one has something to wear when s/he arrives in just over a month!

this week’s faves…

Gwen’s new look for rainy days this fall is gonna be a bright yellow rain coat with bright red rain boots*.

We already have too many mugs I feel like I could really use this bear one, and hey why not throw in a bear infuser too?

I really feel like the little kid’s room needs some custom artwork like the one above from The Disaster Life, oh and this weekend get 50% of orders from her shop with the code “laboryay”

One thing we still need to get for the baby is a special bedtime cuddly toy. I really like this little deer one but doesn’t seem to be available in Canada (or with reasonable shipping to Canada, I’m not about to pay £15 shipping on a £14 toy).

The other weekend we got this faucet cover for our bathtub and Gwen LOVES it, both the way the water pours out and the built-in, self-foaming bubble bath dispenser. She is so eager to have her bath after dinner now we actually have to be careful to make sure she doesn’t climb into the tub & turn on the water on her own.

*I wasn’t planning on getting Gwen new Hunters after she outgrew the secondhand pair my friend Katie sent her, but with a new baby on the way to accept hand-me-downs, well that’s enough of a reason for me!

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