I read a quick little article the other weekend about how the Friday before, August 26th, was it for summer weather in Vancouver and WOW was it ever true. Since then it’s been cloudy & rainy on and off, and even when it’s sunny the air has that fall crispness to it. It really seemed to happen overnight but speaking as one who is eight months pregnant, I can’t really say I’m mad about getting a break from the heat.

Today is the first day of school and Sym has been up since 7am complaining that she doesn’t want to go. But like. It’s ONE HOUR today. All she has to do is show up at homeroom at ten, have her attendance taken and pick up her schedule (istg if they have stuck her in wack electives again this year I’M CRACKING SKULLS) and then she can come home. Actual classes don’t even start until tomorrow, and LET ME TELL YOU I’m really looking forward to that complaining session.

Taylor and I (and Gwen) spent most of the weekend working on getting the house ready for baby. We put together the crib, I sorted out and washed all the teeniest-tiniest baby clothes, we threw out a bunch of old junk that had been cluttering up the place and took some things out to storage. After we put the crib in place Taylor looked at it and was like “wow, shit is really getting really now” and I’m just like OH MY GIANT EIGHT MONTH BABY BUMP DIDN’T TIP YOU OFF?? Honestly. Anyway having gotten some of this work done I’m feeling a little better about the FOUR AND A HALF WEEKS we have left until baby comes, although we still haven’t received the toy shelf I ordered and so most of Gwen’s toys are in a heap in the baby’s crib, haha. It’s fine, the baby won’t really be using it right away, we still have time. That is the new mantra around here btw: IT’S FINE, WE STILL HAVE TIME.

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