with the frizz? no way!

Lately I’ve been trying out this anti-frizz hair product, Dry Bar Liquid Glass Miracle Smoothing Sealant. I got it in my Christmas stocking so if any of my kids are reading this YES Santa shops at Sephora. This is not a review by the way, so please don’t judge this product based on this post. I will say though, it’s a very scented product and when you first spray it in your hair it has a subtle base (bass?) note of fish.


You spray it on clean, damp hair, comb it through, blow-dry and finish with some kinda heat styling. This is WAY more styling than I do normally but it’s supposed to last through three washes. I’m not a big hair washer so that’s like… 2-3 weeks for me. The first time I tried it I curled my hair but I feel that didn’t really heat seal (???) it from root to tip so I can’t properly judge the results, although when I told Symphony I had tried a new anti-frizz hair product she looked at me and said “it didn’t work.”

Absolutely roasted.

For my second attempt with this product I straightened my hair instead, and now that I’m center parting it, this really gave me Rachel Green I’m-so-happy-and-not-at-all-jealous hair.

This is my reaction image every time a friend posts about getting the covid vaccine or their husband having a vasectomy.

I actually learned how to blow dry hair when working in a salon in the mid-nineties, round brushing classic Rachel shags for 8 hours a day. I have a more-defined bicep on my left arm to this day from wielding the dryer. Anyway I feel like ending up with Rachel hair of some kind myself was inevitable (although mine has grown out bangs I mean curtain bangs, this was a deliberate choice NOT serendipity).

YES this picture is from my Instagram story.

ANYWAY AGAIN. Straightening rather than curling my hair has made it glaringly obvious that the real problem with my hair isn’t even frizz or flyaways, it’s that all the hair that I lost after Nicky was born (postpartum hair loss is a thing, look it up) only grows back to be two to six inches long.

It’s been four years, all those hairs should be two feet long now, but they just don’t grow past these shorter lengths. It’s like I have a short haircut within my long haircut and when I put my hair up (but not out) or back, which I do often, all these hairs just stick out like a big halo. I tried to take a picture of this but my hair is a light colour and my walls and curtains and doors are light colors so I couldn’t get a good contrast, although if you look closely at the picture above you can see what’s happening on the top of my head. I can’t do anything about it other than loading up my hair with heavy product which I don’t like to do because as I mentioned, I’m not a big hair washer. So the real lesson is: children will ruin your hair, or in my case, take all your hair power for their own.

Pictured: one of three hair-power stealers.

2 Replies to “with the frizz? no way!”

  1. Your hair looks lovely and NOT FRIZZY and the short bits hardly show.

    Is this why my hair is so damn short and won’t grow especially the sides? All those bloody hair stealers.

    Of which you are one! HAHA! I wreak my rewengie!

  2. I see we’ve all ended up with Rachel hair in this lockdown time without hairdressers. I too went from “OK I’ll keep it longer for the summer of 2020 and then chop it off” to “I guess I’m keeping it this way until further notice”. Short hair in between long hair it not, it looks great! Love the colour.

    Also, let me tell you that sometimes kids also take bad things from you, as in, I occasionally have horrible migraines and when I asked my mom about them, she said.. Yeah, I used to have them and then they stopped when I had kids. So. I didn’t inherit any amazing hair power, but I did get excellent headaches, it’s great. Great.

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