a week to remember

Last week was really something else, and something I don’t want to repeat any time soon. On Tuesday (I think? could have been Monday) Nicky tripped up the stairs out of the back garden and the child-size metal gardening trowel he was carrying went straight up his nose. It cut up the inside of his nostril but thankfully it wasn’t serious enough to require medical attention. Once he’d stopped crying and bleeding we had a learning moment about how to carry sharp and/or pointy objects, and we were all just really relieved it hadn’t gone in his eye!

On Thursday was a more serious event. The kids were outside in the backyard in the afternoon and I don’t want to get into specifics here because it really was an accident but there was an incident with a stick and a metal stair railing and it ended with a Gwen breaking a tooth. One of her to front teeth which happened to also be a permanent tooth so it absolutely sucked. We were able to get her in to see the dentist on Friday morning and in a bit of good news the tooth actually broken in the best way a tooth can break, of you have to break a tooth. I mean obviously the preference is to not do that, but at least it was broken cleanly with no exposed nerve. Our dentist (the same one who fixed my two front teeth when I badly chipped both of them, one on a beer bottle and the other on a peach pit) built her a new tooth and while we still have to keep an eye on it for increasing pain, swelling or any discoloration it’s basically good as new.

Seriously though… no more weird injuries please.

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