five things | nine

Some things I’m loving this week…

Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 9.29.29 AM
Vintage 1913 autochrome colour portraits. These are so dreamy looking.

Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 9.33.33 AM
Lvnea Culte Solaire perfume. I’ve posted about Lvnea perfumes before, and this new fragrance for spring is amazing. I received a free sample with an order and ended up buying a full-size bottle the first day it was available.

Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 9.32.29 AM
Dolls with their human twins (doll-ppelgangers?). When I was growing up my mom was a doll artist so is it any wonder I have an affinity for weird creepy dolls? (SORRY MOM).

Screen Shot 2015-05-01 at 9.42.41 AM
Rosehound Apparel Heathers patch I’ve seen Heathers literally one thousand times AT LEAST so when I saw this patch on my friend’s instagram I stopped dead in the middle of the sidewalk in the rain and ordered it immediately.

Protomen covering The Call’s I Still Believe. Another mainstay of my childhood (along with creepy dolls and multiple viewings of Heathers, WOW how did I grow up normal???) was multiple viewing of The Lost Boys, from which you might remember this song (the oiled-up gyrating saxophone solo is burned into my memory).

five things | eight

Some things I’m loving this week…

Oracle Tunic Top in Soft Sage
Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 8.25.16 AM
Technically this is not a dress, it’s a shirt. The oversized comfiness speaks to my slovenly heart, and the print says “casual spring witch” which is a p. good aesthetic imo.

Cookies & Cream Baked Donuts
Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 8.26.31 AM
I haven’t made donuts in forever but this recipe has inspired me to mayyyyyybe break out my donut pans this weekend.

In Taiwan, Pet Owners Are Giving Their Dogs Perfectly Round & Square Haircuts
Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 3.42.14 PM

Sacred Hearts by Jessica Sea
Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 8.24.27 AM
I can’t get over these drawings by my friend Jessica, there are even more on her instagram.

102 y/o Dancer Sees Herself on Film for the First Time


five things | seven

Some things I’m loving this week…

Spring’s Best Highlighters & Bronzers
Brittany Holloway-Brown for
I’m not a huge makeup person (I literally just added tinted moisturizer to my routine and I dilute it with regular moisturizer bc I CAN’T HANDLE THAT MUCH COVERAGE) but I just had my ID renewed and my picture is ROUGH so I think I need to step up my game.

Things I’ve Learned About Heterosexual Female Desire From Decades Of Reading. STOP I’M CREYING.

It Looks Like PEI’s Backwards Anti-Abortion Policy Is Here to Stay. I know “Jane” online and watching her go through this incredibly stupid and complicated process to get the healthcare to which she is entitled was beyond frustrating (secondhand frustration? Is that a thing?).

Printed Boho Mini Dress
I think I’ve posted a dress every week. It’s that time of year, I guess! The question is, how many hippy witch dresses is too many hippy witch dresses? I already have two, oops. I’m waiting for a sale/coupon code before I even consider buying this one, although tragically last time there was one it was sold out in my size ie STORY OF MY LIFE.

The Warning– Exterminated

five things | six

Some things I’m loving this week…

“Mystery Plane”
I can’t get over the details in this piece by my girl Sara M Lyons (and I kind of think I should prob make that “Out Of This World” banner).

Liz & LJ on “Severance”
I just really enjoy what they have to say about Stan.

In Celebration of Old-School Livejournal
Almost all of my internet friends are livejournal friends. Even though I haven’t updated my journal in yearsssss I was still in an active community until very recently (well, I’m still in it but it moved the facebook late last year? earlier this year? Basically what I’m saying is that I was definitely still using livejournal in 2014.)

North Forty Designs Framehouse
HOW COOL IS THIS PLAYHOUSE? I love the idea of the moon & stars hung from it, or you could do sun & clouds, or leaves. I don’t $725 love it tho (or maybe I DO $725 love it but my bank account doesn’t $725 love me), but maybe I could like… make one myself? Haha I always think I have these carpentry skills that I so don’t but you have to start somewhere, right?

My amazing & talented niece Zabrina…

youtube channel // facebook

five things | five

Some things I’m loving this week…

Heavenly Bodies
These jewelled skeletons are so creepy cool and weird (read more about them here.

Gap relaxed t-shirt dress
This dress is me in human form. The only way it could be more me would be if it was somehow sweatpants as well. At $55 (Canadian) I hesitant to get it but it’s 40% off right now. $33 is pretty alright for something I know I’m going to wear until it disintegrates off my body like Voldemort at the end of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2. I got the black & grey striped version and I’m considering getting the plain black as well; you can find the solid colour here.

Why The Fast & Furious Franchise Deserves Respect
How much talk about F&F is too much? For me the limit does not exist tbh, and I have been L O V I N G so many articles. This one in particular is very comprehensive, contains a lot of great links to other good articles, and also this quote which is the truest thing I’ve ever read: “If you can’t find something to enjoy about these films, you’re probably a bore.” Furious 7 opens tonight and as much as I wish I could go see it we are babysitter-less (Sym is spending he weekend at her dad’s) so I have to wait a whole week (TORTURE).

Big Mac Shop
Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 7.57.27 PM
It physically pains me that I can’t get these Big Mac rain boots. DAMN YOU SWEDEN.

Vet Ranch on Youtube

Fair warning: some of the videos are pretty gross and show graphic injuries and surgery (the one I posted above is mildly gross but there is no surgery/blood). This vet uses the revenue from the youtube channel (as well as donations) to save sick or injured homeless/rescue dogs & cats that would otherwise be euthanized. I think this is a really great use of a youtube channel and encourage you all to watch the videos, even the gross ones.

five things | four

Some things I’ve enjoyed this week…

apak wooden jigsaw puzzle
image credit: APAK Studio
I like, really really really want one of these puzzles.

‘Fast’ and Heartsick
It’s no secret that I love Vin Diesel and the F&F movies (greatest film franchise of all time, don’t even try and argue).

zara embroidered long dress
Normally I’m not at all into navy blue but I might make an exception for this dress.

Return of The X-Files
The timing for this could not be more perfect as I just started my annual rewatch of the series last week.

Anita Sarkeesian- What I Could’t Say

I love her sfm

five things | three

Some things I’m loving this week…

Kawaii Box
I haven’t ever been in to subscription boxes, either they are just stuffed with things I’m not at all interested in or too much money, but a bunch of cute stuff from Korea & Japan? That I can get on board with. I also like that I can share this with Sym, as cute stuff is also right up her alley.

Pee-wee Herman Print
Gwen’s probably needs this for her room.

Jenny Holzer… for the Dallas Cowboys?
A bunch of my friends were posting about this yesterday and how totally weird this is. IT IS. TOTALLY WEIRD.

Dicks by Mail
The new send-your-enemies-glitter is send-your-enemies… dicks?

Ori and the Blind Forest

Taylor was playing this game last weekend and we are all obsessed (although I have the uncanny skill of sitting down on the couch right when something SO SAD happens in it, what is my life).

five things | two

Some things I’m loving this week…

Feather + Arrow
shop, tinyletter & instagram

6 Reasons Gray Hair is White Hot Again.
I already knew all this, get on my level, world.

Hape Wooden Coffee Maker
I’m stealing this from Katie’s Five Things post from yesterday, only because it is LITERALLY PERFECT. It’s a little toy single serving coffee maker, like a baby Nespresso machine. It’s so similar to our real coffee maker, I knew immediately that Gwen needed it. Unfortunately the site Katie linked to charges THIRTY-SEVEN DOLLARS to ship $20 worth of toys to Canada. What? No. I managed to find the coffee maker on which is very convenient as we also need to purchase some cabinet locks for the bathroom cupboard.

Revenge of the Stray Dogs.

Youpie Ya Tamoure

You might remember this song from Pee-wee’s Playhouse. Because it’s the only thing Gwen will watch we’ve gone through the entire series more than once and I see this video SO OFTEN that I basically have it stuck in my head all the time. It’s SO WEIRD, like what is this weird stream filled with tiny boats? Why do the girls have scarves tied around their butts? Why is the redhead waving branches? Who thought it was a good idea to go under that tiny bridge? Totally baffling.

five things | one

Some things I’m loving this week…

Ghost Pine perfume oil from Lvnea.
image credit: Lvnea
I recently ordered a 4-pack of sample-size fragrances from this etsy shop: Ghost Pine, Wild in the Woods, Mourning Ritual and Desert Night. Ghost Pine is my absolute favourite of the four; before I tried it I joked to Taylor that it was going to make me smell like a sexy forest and it does. I will definitely be ordering it in full-size once my sample runs out.

Here is a Song
Screen Shot 2015-03-05 at 5.22.16 PM
Every two weeks, a new letter from Vivian about a song (sort of).

Hand-poked tattoos by Eva Bryant.
image credit: Eva Bryant
I’ve known Eva for years, online AND irl. She even babysat for kindergarten-age Sym a few times. When I had the idea for this tattoo (a hand holding a cedar branch) I knew IMMEDIATELY she was just the person to do it, and I’m so happy with it. You can see more of her work on instagram and tumblr.

This red embroidered dress from Zara.
I’m obsessed with this dress. Originally I wanted a different dress from Free People that had a similar ~vibe~ but was olive green, aka my fave colour for everything these days. I had it in my shopping cart and was thisclose to checking out but with taxes & duty it was over $300. My WEDDING DRESS cost $300, no way am I spending that much on a regular dress! Anyway this Zara dress is the perfect alternative, it might even be better? The Free People one had a high-low skirt which I wasn’t 100% sold on (on which I wasn’t 100% sold?).

Andrew Bird’s cover of Far From Any Road