Mail Call!!

Is there anything better than getting a package in the mail? Answer: NO IT IS THE BEST EVER. A few weekends ago when I was sick and crabby, my e-friend Marissa offered to get me the matryoshka measuring cups I’d been coveting- I had looked in about a billion housewares/decor/blah blah blah stores with no luck, and I really didn’t want to spend $25 on shipping. I decided what would make more sense was spending $130 on other things from Urban Outfitters (mostly for me, one thing for her) so we could get free shipping to her house, and then she’d mail me my stuff. I paid for the whole order and the cost of her item covered the cost of her shipping to me. GENIUS. But what is even better is she filled the box with extra goodies!

My camera died half way through so some of these are photobooth pics.

Opening the Box
Claire was very interested in the box-opening process. Cats love boxes.

My M-Cups! I can’t wait to use these, I’ve been wanting to make Peppermint Patty Brownie Cupcakes and now I have another reason (I actually bought the peppermint patties for these already but I didn’t have any of the other ingredients so I ATE THE WHOLE BAG omg).

Birds of a Feather Rug
Birds of a Feather rug for my library/music room. This is actually way prettier irl than I thought it would be. I just need to get one of those foamy underpads so it doesn’t skid around- right now it’s kind of treacherous!

LBD front
LBD Back
Crepe V-Back Dress. I was really apprehensive about this dress- I’ve found that sometimes the online only items at UO are online only for a reason, and that reason is THEY SUCK. I really like this though- it fits well, even in the chest area (always a source of anxiety) and other than being super scrumpled I can’t see anything wrong with it.

So those are the things I bought, but here are all the extra things she sent.

Gifts from Marissa!
Little birdy wall hook that completely goes with my house, jumbo gumballs & a Blow Pop, a pad of Comment Cards, WALRUS EARRINGS omg these are great, spiral earrings, a little Le Sportsac bag, a pin and a mini-bottle of Flowerbomb.

Striped Dress
Grey & grey striped dress that is SO ME. So THANK YOU for everything Marissa, you are AWESOME!!

6 Replies to “Mail Call!!”

  1. Cute stuff! Coveting those measuring cups!

    And those cupcakes are uhhhhhh-mazing. I’ve actually had really good luck using Carob powder instead of the cocoa, since I can never find Dutch-process cocoa powder in stores and the tops of the cupcakes have never set correctly with the “oh, just use x regular cocoa powder and y baking powder/soda/whatever” substitutes. Plus, with carob powder I can lie to myself and pretend they’re almost healthy.

  2. LOVE getting mail. That love is multiplied by 100 if it is a Friday. Also Flowerbomb is the greatest perfume in the world (I have been wearing it everyday for over 3 years now). With a great Friday like this you could be starting into an AMAZING weekend!

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