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Uglies42/104; Pretties43/104; Specials44/104; and Extras 45/104

These are some of my favorite books! I’ve read them a bunch of times. Unfortunately when I stashed the boxes of books under Sym’s bed I made them pretty inaccessible. I really felt like reading them again so I did the only logical thing: bought them all for my kindle! It’s worth it though, because these are young adult novels are about teens living in a post-apocalyptic dystopian future AKA MY FAVORITE THING EVER.

The first three books take place like three hundred years in the future, in a society where upon reaching the age of 16, everyone has massive, Heidi Montag-style plastic surgery makeovers to become pretty. The fourth book (which used to be my least favorite but I’ve recently developed a new appreciation for it) takes place three years later in a city that runs on a “reputation economy”: everyone over the age of say, twelve, has a personal “feed” where they can post pictures, videos, stories, whatever they want, and how popular a feed is determines that person’s place in society. DOES THIS SOUND IN ANY WAY FAMILIAR? I was lolling my face off about it.

ANYWAY you should read these books.

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  1. love this books! i read them about four years ago, i think. i haven’t gotten around to the last one yet, though. maybe i should pick it up this weekend. i still call my friend shay-la, and i feel like i’m crazy for remembering that. instant spaghetti bolognese, anyone?

    are you friends w/ scott westerfield on fb? i am, bc i’m that cool. :/

    1. lol you are cool

      I almost considered naming my puppy Tally-wa, but my neighbor’s dog is name Taluah. Too similar!

      Extras is good! I’d mail you my useless paper copy but it’s still inaccessible.

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