Chocolate/Butterscotch Chip Cookies

Yesterday afternoon Symphony, Ana Lucia and I baked cookies. My favorite recipe right now is this one from Crepes of Wrath, although as per usual I made some changes- we used half chocolate chips and half butterscotch, which turned out really delicious. Also, after taking great pains to make sure I had the right number of eggs for this recipe, I neglected to see how much flour I had. WHOOPS. I had just enough to do a half batch, which called for some interesting mathmetizing, since I didn’t know off the top of my head what half of 3/4 of a cup is.

The cookies turned kind of flat, but still delicious. They were also a scootch undercooked since I had to take Georgie out and it was either leave them in to get burned or take them out a minute early. OH WELL.

Serious Cookies

Of course taking a picture of Sym with the cookies was an exercise in drama. This creepy, googly-eyed Sadie stare is actually the best one, if you can believe it. I just don’t know why this kid has to be so weird.

Extreme Zoom


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    1. Thanks! The cookies were delicious with butterscotch, but because I only made the half batch they’re all gone! Sym ate like four or five while I was outside with the daycare kids, lol.

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