Pet Party

Georgie and Claire were being extra cute and playful last night.

Georgie Nose
Pineapple Upsidedown Cat
Georgie Paws
Attack Formation
Side Eyeing You TBH

Yesterday I noticed Geogie was scratching herself a lot, and she’d actually started pulling out clumps of hair and the skin on her shoulders was all red and bothered. Poor thing! So of course I FREAKED OUT and woke Taylor up to take her to the vet. Thankfully it turned out to be nothing serious, which is great because WOW I can’t afford any more crazy vet bills after Claire!

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    1. It’s a Canon PowerShot S90, it’s more expensive than a regular point-and-shoot but it also has a lot of manual options- WHICH I DON’T EVEN USE LOL, I shoot everything on auto. It does take nice pictures though, especially considering there is like, NO LIGHT in my apartment. I also have very steady hands; Taylor has shaky hands and he can’t use my camera to save his life.

      1. ooh that sounds exactly like what I need. My shoot-and-point is kind of blah at this point since it’s so old and I’d love to have a fancy DSLR but they’re sooo expensive and my skill level is laughable.

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