Birthday All Weekend

It was my birthday on Sunday, and we celebrated (sort of) all weekend. Unfortunately even though I’ve made a habit of bringing my camera with me everywhere, I haven’t exactly made a habit of USING it, so there aren’t many pictures.

Friday Night
We were supposed to have dinner and watch a movie, but I felt really sick for some reason so I skipped dinner. We watched the original Hairspray and I got to teach Sym about racism, segregation, and the Civil Rights movement!

Sym wanted to make me breakfast in bed, but eating in bed with three dogs is problematical, so I settled for breakfast in the kitchen. Taylor made birthday pancakes, including a unicorn one for me.

Birthday Pancakes

After breakfast Sym and I went out shopping for craft and baking supplies.

Sym Out Shopping

Instead of a cake, Sym and I made Chocolate Chip Cookie/Oreo/Brownie bars.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Oreo Brownie Bar, with Ice Cream

My piece was topped with a Cake Candelabra!


I enjoyed blowing out the candles.

Jenn picked Taylor and I up for brunch at Locus, and then she and I went to the Absolute Spa for $75 pedicures (I had a $150 gift card I got as a goodbye gift from a former client). I got OPI’s Animal-istic from the Muppet Collection, it’s so pretty!.

OPI Animalistic Pedicure

They also gave us champagne and chocolate-covered strawberries, too bad we can’t go all the time!

From Symphony, a giant hand-made card & two bottles of Essie polish: Shine of the Times and Master Plan.

Birthday Card
Essie Shine of the Times & Master Plan

From Taylor, Dominion Intrigue. I got him the original game for Christmas and promised to play it with him when I thought it was a board game, but as it turns out it’s a card game. At first I was worried it would be too complicated or boring or nerdy, but it’s actually really fun!

Dominion Intrigue

We played using some of the cards from this game on Saturday and I DECIMATED him.

From Jenn, a sweet little Rebecca Minkoff pouch.

Beach House Fund

She gave it to me at brunch and I STUPIDLY left it at the restaurant, so when we were on our way to the spa we kicked Taylor out of the car to go back and get it and he had to take the train home. I’M SO MEAN.

I also got some giftcards and money, which are always appreciated, as well as an absurd about of “Happy Birthday!” posts on my facebook, so thank you everyone! Turning thirty-five was actually pretty good!

On My Birthday

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    1. We have a unicorn-shaped pancake mold. I also used it to make the template for the unicorn shape in my banners LOL.

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