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My beautiful and amazing internet friend Krista Cousins is in the top 30 finalists for Curvy Kate‘s Star in a Bra USA contest, and she promised if she won she’d hook me up with some bras soooo…. No but really, you should vote for her and here’s why:

“As of May 10th, 2012 I am officially in the top 30 contestants for the Curvy Kate Star in the Bra Contest in the USA. Not only could i be the first USA winner but also the first brand representative to be black or a person of color!
To vote please go here. First you need to add the app but it’s worth it to see me in lingerie or so i’m told 😉
Seriously though, it would mean a lot to me. My whole life I’ve severely struggled with body image and my looks. My family isn’t the most supportive and my whole life tried to change me. I’ve been chastised for enjoying food (saying mm or yum when I eat something delicious) or questioned for taking seconds of a meal.I’ve overheard them call me fat even though i really am not! My self esteem has always been low but I always enjoyed modelling for some weird reason I love the pictures smiling and posing and clothes etc on a whim i entered this contest. It would mean so much to me because this brand emphasizes real women as models, is supported of larger breast sizes. Finally, after taking place in this contest i have felt a surge in self confidence and that it priceless.
Thank you so much <3"

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