What’s It Gonna Be?

I had a pregnancy check up yesterday and I got an appointment for my next ultrasound. It’s next Tuesday at 7:15am, which is terrible (I have to get up at 5:15 to start drinking water) BUT I’m still SO EXCITED!!! Only one more week until I get to see this little baby on the screen again, doing her or his little baby moves. At my appointment today she or he was moving around so much my doctor had trouble getting the heartbeat for very long, and when she pressed harder with the doppler the baby pressed back. Seriously, whenever I lie down flat the baby is like…

Of course all I really want to see is a happy, healthy little baby with all the proper parts, but I’ll also hopefully find out the sex. When I was pregnant with Sym I knew the entire time I was having a girl (I JUST KNEW) but this time I really have no idea. There could be anything in there!


What do you all think? Is Baby Laramie a girl or a boy? Leave a comment with your guess and your email address and just to make it a little fun, everyone who guesses correctly will get a coupon code for 25% orders from my etsy shop!

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    no really, i’m guessing girl. if it’s not, well, boys are awesome, but i’ll be a little sad for you because i know you really want a girl.

    1. I feel like it’s a boy! Plus, everyone needs to experience being a mother of a boy, IT IS THE BEST*

      *I don’t have a girl for comparison but srsly, a boy will be your heart.

      1. oops…I don’t know why this posted as a reply and not as a comment. I DO NOT KNOW HOW TO USE THE INTERNETS.

          1. Sometimes when people try to post a new comment they accidentally post it as a reply to someone else’s comment instead. MY BLOG: IT’S JUST LIKE SS.

  2. I’m going to say Baby Laramie is a Girl. Then we can do an arranged marriage. 🙂 Either way, I’, pickup up my crochet needles again to start your baby blanket!

  3. I am going to say BOY!!! Because I am hoping for a girl, so either I will be thrilled at the sex, or consoled with a discount.

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