The Big Reveal

I had my second ultrasound this morning (at 7:15am, ARGH), and I have some exciting news to share! It’s…..

Baby Laramie Scans

Okay for real, I had hoped to know the sex of Baby Laramie, but guess what? I don’t, and do you want to know why? Because they recently changed the regulations about revealing fetal sex, and now the ultrasound technicians can’t tell you! If you want to know you have to request it, and they put it in a report which they send to your doctor, and then the doctor can tell you. And it takes four to five days for the doctor to get the report. FOUR TO FIVE DAYS OMG I’M DYING. So now the ultrasound technician knows but I don’t know and it’s KILLING ME. The best part of this is the regulations changed YESTERDAY, which was a holiday, so I had the first appointment where the technician wasn’t allowed to tell!

I should be able to find out later this week or sometime next week (whenever my doctor gets the report), but until then please enjoy this video of my unborn baby yawning :3

Taylor took this off the sonogram screen with his phone so it’s not amazing quality but you can still see what’s up and hear my voice/Sym’s goony laugh. Oh and he titled the video 21 Weeks 2 Days but it should be 21 Weeks 5 Days.

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    1. AND THEY LITERALLY JUST CHANGED THE RULE if I’d had my ultrasound last week I’d knowwwwwwwwww T__________T

  1. I heard about this. I think it’s mainly to stop the abortions of female babies in a lot of immigrant families. It would be so strange if they couldn’t tell me the sex though.


    I still say girl

    1. Yeah I feel like that’s the reason. And I can still find out, I just have to wait until my doctor gets the report.

  2. I remember when Sym first met Nolan, he was about 1 week old. She looked at him and said “Awww he’s so little. How old will he be when his eyes open?”

  3. omg that sucks. what a dumb rule, i know you wanted to know now!!! also that seriously sucks for the ultrasound technicians too, imagine having to tell every single one of their patients about this new stupid rule every day, oh man

  4. Ahhhhh omg omg OMG! Wtf at that rule, were they not aware of our situation here??? But really, your alien babby already looks amazingly cute :3

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