Ess You See See Ee Ess Ess

Gwen has perfected her forward lunge-style crawling, and by using my phone as bait I was able to get her to do it for the camera.

This baby, I tell you. She’s gonna be getting into everything any minute now!

5 Replies to “Ess You See See Ee Ess Ess”

  1. Hooray! Of course, fast crawling will be next, then walking, then redesigning the living room in Gwen-chaos mode. Then climbing on your work table to eat all the banners ready for shipment—I bet you can’t wait!

    1. lol we’re actually planning on baby-proofing the office (ie sorting out the rat king of wires under Taylor’s desk) this weekend

  2. WOOHOO GWEN! Amazing how well a cellphone works as bait. It was the only thing we could get to motivate Alison to crawl!

    1. I keep meaning to buy her one of those baby toy phones but I honestly don’t know if it’ll work as well.

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