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It’s been a seriously exciting week in the world of baby. In the last seven days Gwen has learned to sit up, cut her first tooth, and figured out how to belly-crawl forward. That last one means Taylor and I absolutely must spend this weekend getting the office in order, since right now it’s a bunch of boxes and unbuilt furniture stacked under the window and the area under his desk is a veritable sea of dangling cables, just waiting for sticky baby hands to yank on them (idk what it is with dudes and fucking wires and cables everywhere).


Christy Marx is a legend.

Another abandoned place, this one a whole island in New York.

How cool is this print? (although it should have an orca on it. I’m really into orcas this week, which you’d know if you follow me on twitter).

A super easy & fun looking craft for the upcoming holidays.

Check out Sara’s Society6 page for awesome “Whatever Forever” prints, phone cases and pillows (with free shipping through this weekend!).

A little post of what Gwen wore this week.

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