Manicure Monday

Wingdust in Honest Puck (please excuse the phone pic)

Aw, babby’s first indie polish! I discovered this brand about a month ago by searching for Canadian indie brands (most US ones don’t ship to Canada). I found them just before they restocked which is GREAT because they sell really quickly! I was actually sitting at my computer refreshing their site like a frigging idiot, and I still didn’t get one of the colours I wanted!

Anyway, the polishes I did manage to get (plus a bonus mini polish) arrived the other week and I finally got a chance to try one of them last weekend (this was supposed to be my holiday party mani, instead it was my sweatpants-n-the-couch mani). I am basically IN LOVE, the colour is gorgeous and a literally dream to apply. The glitters go on really well, the polish dries very fast and the opacity is great- this is just two coats. I can’t wait to try out the others!

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