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Everyone knows I love doggies; everyone knows I love doggies! This is a little interview I did with my friend Danielle about her dogs; if you would like me to feature your dogs email me.

How many dogs do you have? What are their ages/breeds? Do they all get along?
I have two lazy and spoiled basset hounds named Eddie and Zeppelin. Eddie is a grumpy old man aka 12 years old and Zeppelin the drama queen turned 2 in June. They get along perfectly; when they first met, they bonded immediately and she still cleans his eye boogers and mouth when he drinks water. I think he thinks she’s his daughter because she’s the only dog he allows in his face and he never fights back when she bites his ears.
What are their favourite toys and activities? What dummy things do they do that drive you bonkers? What is something they do that makes you love them EVEN MORE?
Eddie doesn’t care about toys, just food. Zeppelin, on the other hand, loves toys, especially destroying them. If she doesn’t have any, she’ll find something and make it a toy, such as my pink fuzzy slippers, my mom in law’s shoes, glasses, books (she’s been keeping them), you name it. She can really drive a sane person insane, she is very dramatic and whines like a seal for no reason, I think she likes to hear herself. Eddie doesn’t whine much, he just barks at you when he wants a bone and doesn’t stop until you get him one. They get on my nerves but ever since my husband was killed (note: Danielle’s husband Jesse was killed in Afghanistan last spring), my heart grew three sizes that day and I’ve definitely pulled them closer. They are my children.
What is the best thing about dog ownership for you? The worst?
I didn’t grow up with dogs and never understood the love you can have for them until I got my own. I do enjoy having them at my feet while I’m in the kitchen burning food and rubbing their hairy tummies. The worst is Zeppelin’s whining, she’s cute but good grief that seal noise!
Do you also like cats? Or just MY cat that you always want me to post pics of?
I like cats, I wanna own one someday. My husband, Jesse, and I had a female kitten for a while, she wandered into our yard and Jesse bonded with her super quick after she meowed at him but we didn’t keep her. Claire is a goddess and I’ve been a stan for her ever since I saw her expressive eyes.
Christmeows angel
yeah she’s a goddess

Danielle’s family portrait by Sara M. Lyons; dog pics c/o Danielle

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