February 28th

The last of the month, a time to update on my new year’s goals! My last update was January 31st.

1. Putting my laundry away: still doing this. I also rearranged some of my drawers so things fit better, and started going through my tank tops (90% of what I wear is tank tops) and tossing the raggedy ones. Maybe next I’ll get rid of all my leggings with holes in the crotch? LOL YA RITE.

2. Growing out my hair: STILL GROWING. I think that once it gets a bit longer (like in six months or so) it’ll be long enough to have bangs again. If I have bangs then I won’t have to grow out the front of my hair, and I’ll be able to tie the rest back earlier, without having to use a thousand bobby pins and clips to capture all the short front pieces. I figure six months from now, the end of the summer is the perfect time to cut bangs. It’s still so short that if I cut them now I’d probably look like a disheveled Romulan or something. No one needs that.

When I was trying to decide between bangs-or-no bangs I found these two pictures from just before I cut bangs and just after.
Working Husband
I found it very inspiring because these are from just 3 years ago (the bangs pic was actually taken February 28th, 2011), and look at how short Taylor’s hair was then! And mine is longer now than his was then, so in just 2 1/2 years I’ll have hair as stupidly long as his is now. Seriously, he’s like a Disney princess with his long perfect hair. I keep checking it for split ends so I can force him to cut it but it’s just too healthy! UGH, MEN.

3. Stop eating potato chips during the week: I had potato chips once on a weekend, and idk, they weren’t that great. I haven’t craved them since. I’M FINALLY FREE YOU GUYS. I kind of feel like I should quit some other kind of unhealthy food now but idk what.

4. Be consistent with wearing sunscreen (especially on my feet): still pretty irrelevant, I’ve been wearing my little slip-on shoes sometimes but not for any extended periods of time. ACtually I had to throw away my fave little slip-ons because they finally had too many holes, and switch to the back-up pair, which are black and I don’t like them as much. RIP, favourite little shoes.

to continue the flashback Friday-ness of this post, here’s Georgie & her lil friend Lucy the Pug as tween dogs:
Georgie & Lucy
Have a good weekend, everyone!

2 Replies to “February 28th”

  1. I thought of you when I had some chips during the week after we all got better. I had an OMG CRAVING for something salty. But yeah. They weren’t that great. lol

    1. I crave salty stuff sometimes too, luckily my no potato chips rule doesn’t apply to corn chips or cheese popcorn

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