June 3rd

started, but did not finish cleaning my patio
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If you live pretty much anywhere in North America this should sound familiar to you. I knew the song but I didn’t know what kind of bird it was, but I can hear one outside right now so finally did some googling to figure it out. Song Sparrow, duh! Their song reminds me of being in my teens/twenties when I would stay up all night. When the song sparrows started singing in the morning was when I’d realize “oh crap, now I’ll never get to sleep.” While I definitely don’t miss those nights there is a certain nostalgia to them. Song sparrows also make me think of being in the country. Waking up early, a field of wildflowers, tall trees, coffee on the deck in the morning sunshine. I can picture it so clearly but I feel like this isn’t even a real memory. Just sort of an amalgam of growing up on Vancouver Island and various cabin-based vacations I’ve gone on as an adult.


To do list for this week:

1. fix all the holes left in the walls after moving furniture*
2. take apart the old entertainment stand and re-use the drawers in the dining room bench**
3. paint the mirror & bulletin board frames for Sym’s room***
4. paint the old dresser top that I saved to make into a headboard, and figure out how to put it up ****

* Also holes left from shelves falling off the walls THROUGH NO FAULT OF MY OWN
** Formerly the dining room faux-denza, pls see above re: shelves falling off the walls THROUGH NO FAULT OF MY OWN
*** When Sym decided she wanted a vanity area in this room she chose this Ikea Ung Drill mirror for it. It’s still in the packaging but last Friday morning I was taking out some garbage and I found an identical mirror propped up against the power pole outside the back gate. The mirror is cracked but the frame is in perfect condition.

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  1. I know exactly what you mean about the nostalgia for adolescence that daybreak in general brings. I remember staying up way too late and heading out to watch the sunrise since hey, might as well enjoy it.

    Gwen looks so grown up! My 19 month old is getting that “little girl” face too and losing her babyish look, except she’s got way less hair so that kind of conflicts with the looking grown up thing, hah. I am sad/excited about it. Also way jealous she will keep that adorable hat on.

    1. I was thinking I should get her a hat with a chin strap to keep it on, but then I remembered that I have these fabric baskets (the Ikea play food comes in them) that Gwen and her friends like to wear as hats, and since the cat hat has a similar feel I figured she would like it. She actually puts it on herself!

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