September 22nd

I mentioned these cinnamon roll baked mini donuts at the end of my last post and they were delicious and really easy to make and we ate all of them in one fell swoop. I have these mini donut pans.
C’mon, dadda!
I’ve been in a real rut with my hair recently, it’s a very annoying length on me right now and I’d been hoping that by now it’d be long enough to get bangs but it’s not so it’s always in my face. Plus it’s grown out unevenly and I feel like I should get it trimmed to even it out BUT I know I’d probably lose like, four months’ worth of growth so maybe I’ll just suck it up? It’s almost hat season anyway.
First-day-of-school breakfast special: Nutella pancakes with raspberry compote.

Of course after I write this it was sunny and hotter’n heck all weekend long. Today it’s rainy again, and Gwen’s little friend doesn’t have boots yet so I think it’s going to be mostly an inside day.

Today is also the first day of school, FINALLY. Or sort of. It’s considered “day 0,” the day that would normally be the day after labour Day, where the kids just get attendance taken so the school knows for sure how many students they have (this wasn’t a thing when I was a kid but I grew up in the country and there wasn’t as much moving around or options for different schools as there are here. Of course, with the strike that’s been going on for the last three months the teachers never had a chance to prepare their classrooms so the students are just going to the gym to get marked in, with different times set aside for different grades. Sym is moving up to the school this year and her grade is the last group, so she doesn’t have to be there until 1:30.

I never had a problem before with sending Sym off to school, I mean I was the one to walk her there and pick her up every day until she was old enough to do it herself, so this is the first time I won’t be taking her to the first day at a new school. It’s kind of killing me not to, like I really want to go and help her and make sure she doesn’t get scared or lost but she’s starting high school, how embarrassing would it be for me to tag along??? It seems crazy though, she’s only 12, what is she doing in high school? SHE’S JUST A BABY.

Last night I made her text a friend who lives nearby to make plans to walk down together, and the high school she’s going to is really small- less than 500 students in grades 8-12. This is even smaller than my old high school, and it kind of makes me feel better, like it’s a little school with not that many students, that’s less scary, right? I hope so.

OH AND JUST A QUICK REMINDER: from now until October 10th get free shipping on all orders over $20 from the shop with the code SHIPFREE. I’m trying to earn enough money to pay for at least part of our Thanksgiving weekend trip, and the frigging ferry to get to Vancouver Island & my mom’s house costs $120 EACH WAY, plus we have to rent a car. YIKES.

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  1. Is she going to the downtown high school? lol I don’t even remember the name. I was supposed to go there when I decided to switch schools (I was going to HS in Burnaby long after my parents moved me to Yaletown) but I went and looked at it and it looked so small (literally from the outside) that I got nervous about it and went to Kits instead LOL omg high school it still kind of feels like yesterday and yet forever ago 🙁

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