September 25th

Sad Ghost typewriter.
I DID IT, I MADE SOUP. Now I just need to do it one more time. This is a carrot soup, or kind of a smoked carrot soup, with the smoky flavour imparted by the fact that I may have scorched it a little, oops.
A few of Gwen’s friends: Hazel Village Gwendolyn Raccoon, Jellycat Bashful Bunny, Bijoukitty bear, H&M sleepy bunny, Roving Ovine rag doll.

Over the past few weeks I’ve ordered SO MANY things online (stuff for Little Mountain and new fall clothes for Gwen & me), it’s all starting to arrive and I think I’m going to be at the post office a lot in the next week. Yesterday I got an email that I would have a package to pick up today, and before I went to go get it just now I checked the mail and I had a small package in the mailbox PLUS a notification slip that I’ll have another package to pick up tomorrow. I usually have a couple banners ready to ship each time I go in so I am staying well ahead on my etsy orders. Since I reopened the shop I’ve had quite a few; I’m trying to save up enough my sales to pay for at least the ferry portion of our Thanksgiving weekend and I’m only $50 short right now. If you’ve been wanting to place an order you can get free shipping on orders $20+ with the code SHIPFREE, and two of my most-frequently-sold-out colours, pink and fuchsia, are finally back in stock!

I really don’t like the new etsy layout though. Now when I go to the front page it’s not the front page, it’s the feed of all the things people I follow have favourited. I liked going to the main page and seeing treasuries and stuff! I found some pretty great stuff that way. I actually just went and looked at the front page while not logged in and it’s totally different. Also I don’t like that they switched the shop feed tab (of all the people who’d liked my items) from being with the favourites feed & interaction tabs to the dashboard. lol if you don’t spend a lot of time on etsy this probably won’t make a lot of sense but idk, it just used to be better and now it feels sloppy and all over the place.

ANYWAY. I’m just waiting on one item, my custom leather stamp, and I’ll be able to start making the leather goods for kickstarter rewards, so if you back me at the leather/suede snap pouch, shoes, or boots level, keep watch for an email from me.

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