September 29th

How thoughtful of the weather to be bright and sunny all weekend and only rainy during the week.
Baby’s first pannekoek.
red coat, Old Navy; jeggings, Carter’s; checkered shoes, Vans
True story: the other week I was walking the dog and there were these things all over the ground and I literally said out loud, “What the heck is this, acorns????” I was standing under an oak tree.
She was trying to carry more acorns than her hands would hold so I showed her how to put them in her pockets. When we got back to the house they were stuffed with acorns, wood chips and bottle caps.
I DID IT, I MADE A SECOND SOUP. This is potato with bacon & green onion.
“Hello” sweatshirt, Zara; leggings, Old Navy; dishwashing gloves (worn as boots), CasaBella

A few things…

During the extra-long summer vacation one of Sym’s daily chores was to tidy up the living/dining room/kitchen and vacuum every afternoon. Now that she’s back at school she generally doesn’t get it done until the evening, and IT SUCKS. The house is so messy and I’m well out of the habit of tidying up.

On the weekend I had the brilliant idea of making an apple pie today, so I bought all the ingredients I needed and then last night I was up all night with mild food poisoning. I feel fine now, but I’m super tired and the last thing I feel like doing is peeling a dozen apples.

Last weekend I ordered Gwen some new fall clothes, mostly new leggings and socks to replace the ones from last winter that she’s outgrown, as well as a new puffy winter coat that was on sale. I also got the red coat she’s wearing in a lot of the pics above and we are both in love with it. It has a major storybook vibe, and if she wasn’t already being a wolf for Halloween she might have to be Little Red Riding Hood.

On the weekend I started working on the leather snap pouches for kickstarter rewards and so I used my new shears and snap setter for the first time and o m g I’m in heaven! They are AMAZING and I was able to make some good progress! I have two pouches finished and the rest are all cut & have the snaps set and just need to be sewed (because that’s the easy part? ok Tanie). I’m hoping to get them all finished and ready to send out this week and then I will just have the shoe & boot rewards left.

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