five faves

The baby bear says “hey come & check out this post, it has way more than five things in it!”

DOG TRAIN. Also, this boy & his puppy.

I’m trying to save all my money to get a new raincoat for myself (gave my old one to Sym because I literally cannot get her to wear a raincoat otherwise) buuuuuuuuuut I really wanna get this pin form The Disaster Life.

2015 is really Rose McGowan’s year I think.

Maybe one day I will be like THAT’S IT! NO MORE CUTE WHIMSICAL HOUSEWARES! Today, though, is not that day.

Or how about a whimsical diy?

NEW october 2015 small
My October calendar page! I made two versions, a Canadian one and one for people who don’t celebrate Thanksgiving in October for some weird reason. Download both here.

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