This year I participated (or rather, was bullied into participating) in an ornament exchange online, and in some crazy random happenstance, I ended up getting assigned to a girl I’ve been e-friends with for years and years. Originally I wanted to get her a vintage Russian ornament but I was worried about shipping delays so I ended up sewing her a little felt Santa Claus instead. I’ve been holding off posting a picture until she received it but he arrived at her house today.

Elina’s Santa Claus


My Favorite Person in the World Over the Age of Ten

Obviously, this would be my husband Taylor (of Taylor’s Holiday Nog Shake fame).

For those of you who don’t know, we have been together for just over three years after being introduced by a mutual friend, and have been married eight and a half months. We were married March 21st on Paipu Beach in Wailea, Maui, after a three month wedding delay (a snowstorm cancelled our flight and trip and postponed our elopement in December 2008).

This is just after the ceremony, when we discovered that at a certain point n the service we’d both thought “And so say we all” (a Battlestar Galactica reference for all you non-nerds out there).

Wedding of the Century

Sometimes he has a beard…


And sometimes he doesn’t…
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But to me is is always A+ handsome, not to mention funny and generous and kind and patient and good at video games and all things my husband should be. GO TEAM HUSBAND!

Wedding of the Century