Popsicle Party

Popsicle Party Banner

Late again! I’m catching up though- I made these on Monday night and we tried them yesterday, so I predict that by next week we’ll be back on track for Friday nights/Saturday afternoons. Anyway, I hope I can earn your forgiveness with my sweet popsicle party! banner, because while I was looking for a good picture to use I found a popsicle made of human sweat and now I’m totally grossed out.

Continuing my theme of being too lazy to buy & process fruit, these are more juice popsicles.

Popsicle Party

I used a combination of Sun-Rype’s Peach Pear and Wild Raspberry, but to make things a little more exciting I layered them instead of mixing. The only issue I had was it was a little hard to get the sticks in after I added the peach pear, but that’s because I was trying to use up all the raspberry juice so I put in a little too much.
Popsicle Party

These are super delicious! I think this combination might be even better if I made them with ACTUAL fruit but baby steps, people. Baby steps.
Popsicle Party

Sym’s dad was here picking her up so he had a popsicle too.

Paper Window Bunting

This project has been in the planning stages for quite a while! Inspired by this picture:

Urban outfitters @ Oxford Street

(I was able to find the original source for this pic so I edited it to link back to the flickr page)

… I decided to make a miniature version for my library windows.

Paper Bunting

I didn’t want to do any sewing or complicated folding so I chose double-sided origami paper, which would look pretty from both inside and outside. Originally I’d planned to do lots of overlapping strings, filling the whole window area from top to bottom and front to back (or, at least to where the blinds hang, about 5″ back from the glass), but I realized that would make it hard to open the windows so instead I did a single layer and pinned them to the frames themselves so I could still open them easily.


Paper Bunting

• cutting mat
• craft knife
• scissors
• metal-edged ruler
• double-sided tape
• double-sided origami paper (or whatever kind of decorative paper you like, but I would recommend cutting it into squares before starting)
• ribbon
• thumbtacks (not pictured)

I had everything on hand except for the paper, which cost $2/pack. I also bought white string for this but ended up giving it to Sym and using this black ribbon, which I’ve had forever, instead. And I also bought a roll of double-sided tape, since I wasn’t sure I had enough left (I did, as it turned out, but I can always use more double stick tape)

Cut the paper in half.

Paper Bunting

Origami paper is approximately 6″x6″, which is perfect for these little flags. You can cut a small stack of five to ten sheets at a time.

Stack the two halves, and cut like so:

Paper Bunting

Each sheet of origami paper makes ten flags. If you like you can mark the cutting points with a little dot at the odd inches on one edge and the even ones on the other. I gave the little scraps from the ends to Sym for her own projects.

Now that you’ve got your flags ready, it’s time to assemble your bunting! My windows are about 27″ wide and 21″ high, so I cut seven 28″ ribbons per window (the flags are 3″ long). With gaps of approximately 1″ between each ribbon I used nine or ten per string.

First, choose your colours and arrange them however you like.

Paper Bunting

Double sided origami paper is different colours on each side so you have to lay them out right side up to see how the colours look together. I used different combinations in different arrangements for each string, but if you wanted you could do them all the same, or make a pattern.

Next, flip them over and apply double-stick tape.

Paper Bunting

These are the same flags as pictured above, so you can see how different the colours are on the reverse! I stuck the tape on each flag and THEN cut it, which I find is easier than cutting then sticking. The scissor blades can get gummy from the tape, but a quick swipe with rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball will take care of that!

Peel the backing from the tape and stick each flag to the ribbon, leaving an allowance of about 1-2″ at each end.

Paper Bunting


Paper Bunting

I did this last night while watching the end of The Neverending Story (HOW IRONIC) and Legend with Taylor and finished twelve of the fourteen strands, and made the last two this morning while the kids drew pictures.

After cleaning the windows & sills, it was time to put up my bunting! You could use tape or sticky-tack if you wanted but I used thumbtacks.

Paper Bunting

I used the flat end of a closed pair of pliers to push the pins into the wood when it was too hard to use my fingers- I though using a hammer that close to the window glass would be a mistake! I didn’t mark or measure these or try to get them particularly straight.

One window finished!

Paper Bunting

Both windows!
Paper Bunting

With the blinds down but the slats open, which is how I usually have them during the day.
Paper Bunting

From outside.
Paper Bunting

Paper Bunting

Since you can see these better from the yard I put the pretty, planned colour arrangements facing out. I wasn’t sure about the black ribbon, but it actually worked out really well- in fact, you hardly notice it! I also think it was easier than using the string I bought, which would have required folding the top of each flag over it.

A word about quantities and planning: I didn’t bother measuring or calculating how much paper I would need at all. Since I’d originally planned many more strings I bought four packs of origami paper and cut up two of them. Then I ended up only using seven strings per window, with nine or ten flags per string, for about a hundred and forty flags total. With ten flags per sheet, that’s just fourteen sheets. They come in packs of forty-five and I cut up TWO WHOLE PACKS. This is what I have leftover:

Paper Bunting

PLUS two unopened packs! Yeesh. Soooooo if anyone wants some strings of handmade paper bunting, let me know!

Midday Pets & Husbands Post

Handsome Sleep Club
I think I want new bedroom furniture. The room is quite small and the dressers and bed are too big and too dark. The bed is too low, and we’re always bashing our shins on the corner of the bedframe, which sucks. I have some ideas for a more efficient drawer-and-shelf system that would allow me too move the bed out from under the window, but I’m not sure what colour would work with my turquoise and cream (in summer) and turquoise and beige/brown (in winter). I don’t think I want wood, so I’ll probably end up painting whatever I get like, a slightly darker shade than I chose for the walls. Basically I just want to paint everything, haha!

Little Georgie
Georgie in the foyer. She’s so golden! The crate on the right is hers, I picked it up on Saturday. So far she is unimpressed with it. Oh and I actually did vacuum in there this morning, but it’s crazy windy today and when I opened the door a huge gust of leaves and debris came flying in. GREAT. Anyway when it’s clean/I’ve put up some shelves I’ll have to take new pictures, I rearranged the crates and moved the stroller outside (it’s locked up so hopefully it won’t get stolen) so now Taylor and I can actually reach our coats AND have somewhere to put our shoes! EDIT for MORE GEORGIE.
Little Georgie

Dougal Investigates Claire's House
Dougal hadn’t seen Claire’s new house yet so he had to see what was up. Once he realized it was full of cat he quickly lost interest. EDIT: I didn’t think Claire would ever get up on to the top of her tower, but earlier I put her up there because she was getting on my nerves, and I guess she really likes it because she quite hilariously clambered up it on her own.
Claire on High


Saturday evening in the backyard…
Backyard Times
My new chairs!
I was also there but I look like a bag of rags in all the pictures Taylor took so FORGET IT. After our whirlwind tour of Canadian Tire and Home depot, we took the dogs for an enormous walk to Dairy Queen and then along the Seawall. Georgie was so tired afterwards that she crawled under the couch to sleep and wouldn’t come outside to hang out. I was pretty exhausted myself!
Hawthorn Tree at Evening
We stayed until around ten, and then order some Japanese takeout (which I was first excited about and then very letdown by) and started watching The Neverending Story, but we both fell asleep sometime around the Southern Oracle.

On Sunday we met Taylor’s dad and his partner at Glowbal for brunch. This was Taylor’s Wild Berry Panettone French Toast.
Franch Toast
I had the Belgian waffle but it was kind of :/ (this was like, my food theme this weekend). It comes with carmelized bananas and white chocolate mousse, but I don’t like bananas so I asked to have it with berries instead, and that’s what I got. A plain, dry waffle with a handful of berries strewn across it, but no mousse or pretty presentation. Boo!

Afterwards Taylor wanted to go look for some new shorts but the store he likes was closed, so instead I made him go with me to the pet sore to buy Claire a giant cat tower.
Claire's Fortress of Solitude
It’s ENORMOUS. I just wanted somewhere I could put her food where she could reach it but the dogs couldn’t, and all the smaller cat towers/trees/condos/whatever were way more expensive- this one was discontinued so it was 40% off. Obviously it was the best choice but let me tell you, carrying it home was quite the comedy of errors! I also don’t really like the colour, so I’m thinking of buying a cheap-yet-prettier rug and reupholstering the outside.

In the afternoon my neighbor had her mom’s shih tzu puppy out in the backyard, so I brought Georgie out so they could play.
Georgie & Bella
Georgie & Bella
The puppy, Bella, is cute but very passive and timid, and mostly just sat or lay there being pounced and chewed on. Georgie definitely has way more personality!
Georgie & Bella
Georgie & Bella

Apparently Kichou had no eyes this weekend.

Georgie in the Leaves
Georgie loves playing and bouncing around in this ivy, it was nearly impossible to get a picture of her because she wouldn’t hold still for even a second.

Sym + Sailor Moon
Sym came home from her dad’s with a new, shorter haircut and spent the evening tracing pictures out of one of her Sailor Moon books. Tonight I want to do arts & crafts with her- she has a paint-by-numbers to finish and I need to start making the paper bunting for my library windows. I also want to make some rainbow coasters to use outside out of perler beads (which is making me wish I didn’t mix all the perler bead colours together in a big bin but OH WELL). I also need to varnish the patio furniture I painted this weekend (I finished it on Sunday afternoon) and figure out how to turn the golf umbrella and six feet of PVC pipe into a patio umbrella. I cut the handle off the umbrella last night with my Dremel and it was NERVE WRACKING. Sparks flying everywhere! Wow, I have A LOT of projects on the go right now!

Spraypainter’s Cramp

You may recall the other day me mentioning how bored I am of my boring old teak patio furniture. Well, NOT ANYMORE.
Patio Furniture Redux
l-r Gleaming Pink, Mango, Shock Red; all by Montana Gold
HOW AWESOME ARE THESE LOOKING??? I’m not done yet, I ran out of the pink and yellow. Luckily, Symphony’s dad’s gym is really close to the art supply store so he’s going to pick me up some this afternoon, so I can finish them tonight or, more likely, tomorrow. After emptying two and a half cans, I have a terrible spraypainting cramp in my right hand! Plus, tonight Taylor and I are make a fun-filled trip to Canadian Tire for those bright blue resin Adirondack chairs I’ve been obsessing over.
Rainbow Umbrella
I was also able to find the giant rainbow paneled golf umbrella that I really wanted at a different dollar store for just $11! Now to figure out how to turn it into a patio umbrella…

Puppies & Hydrangeas

I took the dogs (and kids, but I can’t share those pictures) to the park this morning. Georgie actually held still for long enough for me to get some decent pictures of her, glowing in the sunlight.
Georgie in the Sun
Kichou in the Sun
someone needs his teeth cleaned…

I love hydrangeas, and there are so many around my neighborhood, in all colours. Taylor was nice enough to photograph some for me.
IMG_4814 IMG_4801
IMG_4797 IMG_4825

Georgie in the Sun
Adorableness canineified. Look at that face!

No Patio Lanterns Required

Shadow Issues
lol I think Taylor needs to be more aware of where he is in relation to the sun

Last night I dragged Taylor on an ill-fated trip down to HomeSense on Robson Street to look for some of those brightly coloured resin Adirondack chairs to use in the backyard- I saw a ton of them there just the other week, but unfortunately they are all gone already! So disappointing. We are going over the bridge to Home Depot/Canadian Tire this weekend and there’s a bigger HomeSense there, so maybe they’ll have some. EDIT: I just looked at the Canadian Tire website and they have them there for $20. SOLD AND DOUBLE SOLD.

I’m also sick and tired of my patio furniture.
The Patio
SNORE. It’s teak and I’m over it. I want to spray paint it, and I haven’t oiled it in over a year so it should work. I mean, I hope it works! I have bright red, yellow and pink paint left over from other projects, and I bought a couple of rainbow umbrellas to try to make a mini-patio umbrella- a couple in case I mess it up!
I got this at the dollar store, awesome.
The Rainbow in the Rain
Eventually I want one more like this but for now my dollar store specials will have to do!

Georgie in the Flowers
Also, I took Georgie to the vet yesterday for her shots and a checkup and she’s gained a whole pound! What a good puppy!