five faves

A few weeks ago I discovered that Gwen had totally outgrown her carseat; we hadn’t used it since December and I was thinking she might be at the height/weight limit for rear-facing, which she was, but as it turned out the dumb seat had the same height/weight limit for forward facing! We hadn’t bothered to look at that when we bought it because we didn’t plan on using it for long. Finding a new one was such a huge hassle, we only use a car MAYBE once a month so we didn’t want to spend a billion dollars on it, but finding an affordable seat with a higher weight limit for forward facing was
harder than you’d think! A lot of the lower-priced ones have a weight limit of 40 or 50 pounds and Gwen already weighs like 42. She’s actually the size of a kindergartener and at three and a half is rapidly outgrowing all her size four clothes.

We’d been looking at a seats that convert from forward facing with a harness to a booster and not having much luck, but after discussing it with a manager at Babies ‘R’ Us she suggested it might be more cost effective to get a new rear-to-forward facing seat with a higher weight limit and then buy a separate booster when she is older. In the end I was able to find a 3-in-1 rear-to-forward-to-booster seat on sale that I think will be good. Gwen is already obsessed with it, wants to sit in while she watches tv and likes to give it hugs and pats and kisses, haha. We’re hoping to test it out in an actual car this weekend; I asked Gwen if she wanted to go on a “trip” in a car tomorrow and she is so excited, she keeps looking at the window and demanding “TRIP NOW. CAR NOW. GO NOW.”

Anyway, on to the faves…

five faves april 29 2016

I love weird wikipedia lists, my fave this week was this one of apple cultivars.

This dainty little opal ring would make an awesome Mother’s Day gift if anyone was looking for one for someone like maybe for example me. In a size 6.

You can get one of my all-time fave books and it’s two sequels for Kindle for less than $2!

This maternity jumpsuit is amazingly terrible and I think I might need it.

I clumsily tore a huge hole in my beloved by admittedly pretty ancient duvet cover last week so I ordered this pretty floral one to replace it. I REALLY want to get my bedroom finished and looking nice this year- in August I will have been in this apartment TEN YEARS and the bedroom is still unfinished.

five faves


First of all, thanks so much to everyone for the comments and well-wishes about my pregnancy! I appreciate all the love and likes 🙂 I am now 14 weeks and 1 day so SMELL YA LATER FIRST TRIMESTER. I’m going to start trying to stop taking the anti-nausea medication next weekend to see if I can get by without it now since it makes me super sleepy, and I need all my energy because I’m officially back to work full-time! I started on Monday and this is the first week I’ve worked five days since last summer and it has been hard & exhausting, but hopefully it will get easier soon.

The combination of being back at work full-time plus the gorgeous weather we’ve been having lately has made me extra excited for this weekend. Unfortunately Taylor has a big project at work and will be working a lot of it, but we do have plans to go out on Saturday night to see Noel Fielding (the tickets were my birthday gift). I also need to go buy some supplies to get back into making banners but other than that my main goal for this weekend is to spend as much time outside as I can!

My faves this week…

I saw these Brooks City Chariot Sneakers on instagram like a month and a half ago and have been scouring the internet for them ever since. I finally found them at Saks Fifth Avenue on Monday night, ordered them Tuesday morning and they are out for delivery right now were just delivered!

Last weekend I got Gwen this H&M jumpsuit patterned with bunnies and kitties (her faves!) doing sports and it is just SO CUTE and easy for her to wear.

Sym loves all things Sailor Moon so she is super jealous that she can’t visit the Chibiusa Cafe in Tokyo.

The twitter account Tiny Star Fields is a recent discovery that I am loving. Just a cute lil bunch of stars every now and then to break up my twitter feed is nice sometimes.

I have been looking for a company that will custom print my designs on a fabric that I can use to make soft little swaddle blankets for Baby Laramie, I just got a book of sample swatches from Design Your Fabric and I think I’ve found a winner their 100% cotton gauze.

Happy weekend everyone!

five faves

A lil late is better than never, right? I’ve been really struggling with completing tasks this week and blogging is no different. However I have a super-important meeting coming up this week so NO MORE SLACKING ALLOWED.

When I am not so broke I rly want to get some patches from PONY PEOPLE.

Two of my fave tumblrs: Colorful Gradients and Daily Minimal.

I spent a good amount of time this week on Georgie got Pomeranian, Mark Fluffalo got Pomeranian. I’m a Sheltie, Taylor’s a Golden Retriever and Gwen got Dogue de Bordeaux:

Broad City is back next week, yaaas!

Food prices in Canada’s north are a serious issue, highlighted perfectly in this mock ad. Fun fact: last year I was reading posts on a facebook page about this problem and some dipwad actually said people should “just grow their own food!” like I don’t think you know how the GODDAMN ARCTIC CIRCLE WORKS???

five faves: monochromatic

Happy Friday to everyone… and happy birthday to me! Today’s post is all about my fave black & grey & white things.


This Scully piece by beautiful angel Jessica Sea is a treat. Get 50% off orders of $20 in her shop until the 13th with the code FEBFRIENDS.

For days when I don’t want to wear my silver star necklace, a silver moon like this one from Little Pancakes would do nicely.

I have the long-sleeved version of this dress already but obviously I will need a short-sleeved one for spring!

The “Nordic Village” blanket from Little Unicorn is too cute.

Teletubbies x Joy Division

Also! get free shipping on most items & discounts on throw blankets & pillows on Society6 all weekend long! I put up some new designs this week so go browse, fave & maybe even buy?

five goals


I’ve been super stressed out and frazzled this week so I don’t have any faves to share (except for maybe my keen ability to not barf during a panic attack). Instead, here are five goals I want to accomplish this year:

1. The first and most important thing, that I really need to do, is improve my job-slash-financial situation. I need to get my child care license again and get some more clients! At the moment I only have one little boy in care part-time, and I just found out this week that they will be leaving the country at the end of February (originally they’d planned on staying here until late spring/early summer). I have been hustling hard to find some new families to work with and I finally, FINALLY sent in my license application (it only took me five months).

2. Replace my dishwasher. This is contingent on #1 going well but I really need to do this. My current one, which I inherited from the previous tenant and was secondhand to her, is super decrepit and barely works. Like it doesn’t even wash the dishes anymore, just rinses and sterilizes (I need the dishes sterilized for work) them, so I have to completely pre-wash everything. It is SO not energy/water efficient, and I read online that modern dishwashers are SO GOOD that the only way a human could equal their efficiency level would be if they could wash all the dishes with the water running for just two minutes. I WANT THAT.

3. Fix all the holes/dings/gouges in the walls. I used to keep on top of fixing this kind of small damage but I’ve majorly slacked on it in the past couple years. There are a bunch of places where things bashed into the walls or I’d moved shelves or furniture from one place to another, and it really doesn’t look cute having holes all over the place.

4. Repaint the half-bath and the hallway. I’m so sick to death of the orange bathroom and yellow hallway! The hallway is the worst because when I painted it I accidentally used the high-gloss yellow paint left over from my desk instead of the eggshell yellow paint left over from idek what. It’s horrible, this shiny yellow hallway. And the orange in the bathroom is not fun anymore and when the light is on the whole room glows like the surface of the sun. I want to paint them both white or light grey or something else inoffensive.

5. CANCEL MY GYM MEMBERSHIP. I put this on my list of goals last year and did not accomplish it, thereby wasting $240 on fees that could have gone towards my dishwasher fund or hallway paint or literally anything at all. I’m going to do it this year, for reals this time.

five faves

It’s been a while! This week’s faves are all things I would be super pleased to get for my birthday in two weeks.

This Tales from Moomin Valley poster would fit perfectly in my house.

BOTH of my favourite pairs of boots totally disintegrated this winter, so I need something new that will last for ever and ever, like these classic Blundstones.

There was a sample of this Lvnea L’Alchemie perfume in my Christmas stocking and I am just IN. LOVE. with it and will definitely need a full-size bottle.

I would live in this Simka Sol Sonia Robe Dress.

Even though I have a cat of my own I still really want to check out the Catfe which opened here a few months ago… and on my birthday I will! I actually made the reservation during Christmas break, and February 5th was the first day they had space for all four of us (serendipity!).

five faves

I don’t actually have five faves this week because only one thing was my fave and that thing was #ALLMYMOVIES. In case you missed it, it was Shia LaBeouf watching all his movies in reverse chronological order. No sound, just a camera pointed at his face in a theatre. idek why I liked it so much but I had the livestream open in a tab on an off for most of the past three days (it’s over now). I’m not even a big fan of Shia LaBeouf or performance art but it was def my fave thing of the week.

Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 4.09.47 PM

five faves: halloween!

Halloween 2009, we’re on the cob

Some of my fave things about Halloween…

Seeing the costumes Kelly-Anne from Tiny Tangerines makes for her family! She is seriously my costume hero. This year they were all characters from Gwen’s fave show, Steven Universe.

Rockets candy, we bought a bag to give out to trick-or-treaters but… I ate them. FUN FACT: they are vegan and gluten free.

Spooky music! I posted about making a Halloween playlist last year, and I’m ready to crank up the spookiness again this weekend.

Super-vital infographics about what alcohol pairs with what Halloween candy like this one.


This video gets extra points for using Ghost Riders in the Sky as the music.

five faves: nail polishes for fall


Remember when I used to paint my nails every week? Remember Manicure Monday? That was a good time. I don’t paint them as often anymore, mostly because I just don’t have the time and also because I like how my acrylics look when they are all fresh and nice. I still have a big wall full of polishes though, and these are my five faves for fall. It should come as no surprise to anyone that they are all dark colours, BUT maybe it will surprise some that they are (almost) all cremes. That’s right, no glitter (I get enough of that in my work).


l-r: Hard Candy in Mushroom, long-time readers might remember the time I won a nail art contest on facebook, this mauve-grey-brown polish was part of my prize; Essie in Wicked, the perfect deep berry; Orly in Midnight Show, I actually have the Quo by Orly dupe of this but it’s exactly the same; Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in On Pines and Needles, I would like this one a tiny bit better if it was a true creme (it has a slight shimmer) but it’s super close to being perf; Essie in Licorice, pictured on my nails above, it’s literally the best black ever.